2 eur / hour


3 eur / hour


2 eur / hour

All the necessary staff


3 eur / hour

We are responsible for the outcome of the work of our staff.
You get quality results.

Tested performers

As a rule, companies pay recruiting agencies or turn to acquaintances in order to hire personnel.

With us you have already found the staff qualified to perform in your business. All the executives have a relevant background in the field, and we ensure this.

The effectiveness of the work

Commonly you pay an advertising agency to spin a site. The agency would heap your bills with its operational costs and give you a loose KPI calculation.

Working with us, you fix desired KPIs for the staff, you monitor their performance and make necessary corrections.

Payment by results

You do NOT want to expend on an A+class office, a CEO's secretary, a water dispenser, a coffee machine and other office perks that are piling up in your bills, issued by the agency.

When you turn to our services, you pay only for the time the staff worked (exactly worked) for you.

Qualifications and experience

Both freelance and agency executives can turn out to be inexperienced, thus you will suffer from improper activities and delays.

Our employees are sifted out via racking tests before joining the team. You will immediately have a chance to see their portfolios.

How it works

Find job category via search engine

or choose in catalog

Fill online

and we’ll ask you about some details to do our work better

Get estimates
and price

Our system do calculation of staff and timing

Get dream team
in five minute of your time

and results which make you completely satisfied

Pay one of preferred methods

Only 5% system fee

Who we work for

You start up a business and you want neither high-paid employees, nor an advertising agency.

You do not want to work with constantly missing freelance executives any more

You have an enterprise and the staff to fire. You can reserve just one executive to operate in our system. You can also fire all the staff, then you will enjoy performance of an account manager in our company.

You are fed up with 'tomorrows' from your employees

Probably, you are not in the list, but you want us.

Numbers and analytics

2.4EUR - work cost per hour

Work cost per hour is 2.4 EUR in average. Multiplied by a month with its 160 working hours it becomes 384 EUR. This is what you will pay in average to an executive working for you 24/7.

1000employees in system

There are over 1000 employees experienced in various business fields. They have passed multiple elimination tests, including IQ tests. That's what is never done in large companies in order to conceal the drawbacks of the personnel policy.

168work hours per month

In average our staff work 168 hours per month. This number is 8 points bigger than an officially declared work norm and 68 points bigger than the real work time remaining after smoking, talking and coffee breaks.

3projects for staff

Each staff executive works for up to three projects. Whereas agencies involve their staff in 20-30 projects simultaneously.

Entrepreneurs have already saved on payment for unnecessary working hours:
In Berlin an average gain is 7 755 EUR, in Prague it's 5 542 EUR.

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