from 2 USD / hour


from 3 USD / hour


from 2 USD / hour

All the necessary staff


from 3 USD / hour

The outcome of the work of our staff is our responsibility.
You get results that you desire.

Tested performers

As is the norm, companies hire personnel by paying recruiting agencies or turning to acquaintances.

With us, you will work with a staff qualified to support the objectives of your business. We ensure that all the executives have a relevant background in the field and a foundation of working principles.

The effectiveness of the work

In most cases, you pay an advertising agency to spin a site. The agency would not only pile up your bills with its operational costs but also give you a loose KPI calculation.

Working with us, you develop instruction specifically tailored to your desired KPIs for the staff whose performance you get to monitor and give yourself the freedom to make any necessary corrections.

Payment by results

Expending on an A+class office, a CEO's secretary, a water dispenser, a coffee machine and other office perks that are piling up in your bills, issued by the agency is unnecessary.

When you turn to our services, you only pay for the exact time the staff worked on your project.

Qualifications and experience

Freelance and agency executives can be ill equipped to handle your project. Thus, you will suffer from improper and irrelevant end products and delays.

Our employees are thoroughly examined via racking tests to isolate the best of the best before joining the team. You will immediately have a chance to see their portfolios and choose who is best suited to produce more and better work.

How it works

Find job category via search engine

or choose in catalog

Fill online

and we’ll ask you about some details to do our work better

Get estimates
and price

Our system do calculation of staff and timing

Get dream team
in five minute of your time

and results which make you completely satisfied

Pay one of preferred methods

Only 5% system fee

Who we work for

You start up a business and you want a self-paced business that involves neither high-paid employees nor an advertising agency.

You are tired of working with constantly missing freelance executives who are not fully engaging from start to finish.

You have an enterprise and the staff to fire. You can do reverse one of your executives to work in our system. You can also do away with your entire staff; then you will enjoy the full complement of an account manager in our company deployable in a range of platforms and services

You have had enough of slow and underperforming employees who fail to maximize the impact of your enterprise

Probably, you are not in the list, but you want us.

Numbers and analytics

2.1USD per hour

In average, work per hour costs 2.1 USD. With 160 working hours a month, it totals to 336 USD. This is the average rate for an executive working round the clock.

1000+employees in the system

We have over a thousand employees capable of focusing on various aspects of any enterprise. To help you achieve more and support your objectives in the best way possible, they have been sifted through multiple elimination test such as 40 question special tests for PHP developers and SEO specialists. Our staff also go through a mandatory IQ and mental stability test. This is never done in large companies that look to keep personnel drawbacks from sight.

168hours per month

Our staff works an average of 168 hours per month. In comparison to officially declared work and time lost in smoking, talking, and coffee breaks, this number is 8 points and 68 points bigger respectively.

Threeprojects for staff

Unlike agencies that have their staff nose deep in 20-30 projects at a go, each of our staff executives works for up to three projects.

These numbers have helped entrepreneurs across the globe save on payment for additional unnecessary working hours. For instance, clients from Austria saved about 7755 EUR last month, for Singapore - 5542 SGD, for Russia 254 034 RUR.

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